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Knee 3R17 made of steel

Functional requirements: Low Medium-to-low Medium-to-high High

Knee 3R17 made of steel

Monocentric knee with manual lock and walker for persons with 100 Kgs max weight and low functional requirements. High safety in the static phase, moderate control of the dynamic phase.


Version with hip joint that can be adjusted in abduction and flexion-extension, multicentric knee joint and stiff foot.
Pricing guide
Code Q.ty Description
06 24 21 003 1

Modular prosthesis for disarticulated hip

06 24 21 313 1

Version with knee with manual lock

06 24 21 415 1 Support on the iliac crests
06 24 21 418 1 Tubular structure made of titanium
06 24 21 376 1 Anatomical aesthetics for woman

Articolazioni di bacino 7E4
Tubulars Clever Bone
Feet Stiff foot
Articulated foot
Multi-axial "Multiflex" foot


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