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Rizzoli Ortopedia
  • 1896: Rizzoli Ortopedia S.p.a was founded in Bologna as Officina Ortopedica (Orthopaedic Workshop) of the Institute with the same name, in order to design and manufacture orthopaedic devices and hospital equipment.
  • 1984: Officine Rizzoli become a joint-stock company and a profound technological renewal is undertaken.
  • 1996: Is the year of the 100th anniversary and Officine Ortopediche are the largest Italian private company in the sector, the only one that covers almost the entire country with a network of over 23 branches and over 100 assistance centres, and the only one to operate according to industrial logic.
  • 2003: The Officine change their name to Rizzoli Ortopedia spa.
  • 2004: Rizzoli Ortopedia passes under the control of the Seconda Investimenti Group. Thanks to 100 years of research and technological innovation at the customers' service, the Rizzoli brand becomes one of the most renowned world-wide.

Rizzoli Ortopedia
Rizzoli Ortopedia today

In 2005 a number of companies started to be acquired which, though maintaining their legal status, were 100% controlled by Rizzoli Ortopedia S.p.a.

In 2009, Rizzoli Ortopedia S.p.a. continued to grow by acquiring:
  • 2009
    » Ortopedia 2000 di Buttafava becomes the new Cremona branch
    » Centro Ortopedico Mazzotta becomes the new Anguillara (Rome) branch
    » Sanitalia S.r.l becomes the new Roma 2 branch.
  • 2010
    » Centro Ortopedico Sanitaria 14 becomes the new Venice-Mestre branch. » LOT: Laboratorio Ortopedico Toscano S.r.l. becomes the new Prato branch. » The new Trentino branch opens in Isera (Trento).

Top quality design and production:

In the production plant based in Budrio (Bologna), the company designs and manufactures tailor-made devices on a centralised basis, using CAD/CAM technology for computerised design and development of the relative mould in prosthetics, trunk orthotics and paediatrics. These systems ensure high quality of the product, speedy manufacturing procedures and delivery of the devices and full customer satisfaction.


The Research and Development Department, was created with the purpose to study, manufacture and, where possible, patent new products, according to the requirements that emerge from technologists and healthcare workers, also in milieu of scientific and university research. The aim is to improve the functionality and comfort of the devices, thereby increasing and improving the quality of our customers' life.


Rizzoli Ortopedia has signed various international agreements for the distribution of the REL-K electronic knee.
The Rizzoli electronic knee is currently marketed in: USA, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Turkey and Spain.
These agreements allow Rizzoli to penetrate into markets unexplored so far and open a new chapter of its exciting story.

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